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Family Counseling

If your family has started to experience trouble, all is not lost. Simply contact the office of Richard K. Koepke, and take the proper steps to repair your relationships. There are many conflicts in modern families for which families seek counseling, such as:

— Family issues surrounding adult children (still living at home with their parents, adult child money mishandling that drain parent resources, drug and alcohol issues while needing money for lawyers, boyfriend/girlfriend decisions and conflicts with parents, family fights regarding holiday issues, adult children working only part-time hours while not motivated, adult children flunking out of college with no job, adult children getting pregnant against parental warnings, etc.)

— Intra-family adult squabbles, such as disagreements over family business decisions, control issues, parents not getting along with adult children and/or their significant others.

— Family problems with acting out teenagers, shoplifting, breaking family curfews and rules, not doing homework, not attending school, hanging around a drug crowd smoking pot, bedwetting, not getting up in the morning to go to school, etc.

— Other family issues such as in-house separations, cleaning out bank accounts, orders of protection, etc.


Divorce and Post-Divorce Counseling

When a couple decides to end their relationship, they sometimes wish to minimize any future conflicts between themselves, especially when children are involved. Unlike the death of a loved one, a dead relationship may need to continue for many future family and school events, as well as child visitations. Can we be civil with one another after the relationship ends? Rick can help divorced spouses with negotiating such post-marital issues.


Parent-Child Conflict

Rick Koepke can help you develop proper parenting skills that work better than becoming upset with your loved ones. These skills will help you keep an eye on your children and advise them on their everyday activities without smothering them. Life is a school for learning and each issue with your child is an opportunity to educate rather than to punish. A good parent is really a good teacher. The right parenting skills will lead toward the healthy growth and development of your children.


Parent/Adult Child and Adult Sibling Conflict

Young adult and adult children living in the parental home can lead to many family arguments such as cleanliness issues (dirty dishes, messy room), laundry, etc. Additionally, married adult children may have conflicts with other adult siblings, their spouses, or their parents. Sometimes, for example, adult children do not get along or accept a new step-parent— or visa versa. It is often very helpful to talk out many types of adult conflict in a safe environment.


Domestic Violence And Other Family Abuse Issues

Whether you are the person being hurt or the person performing the damage, Rick is here to help. He has years of experience helping local residents with their domestic violence issues. Most batterers do not think of themselves as being batterers. They make excuses, so the struggle over power in the relationship continues to dictate harm and abuse. Seeking therapy will help you gain a sense of control and dignity in your relationship without losing your marriage or suffering adjudication. Verbal abuse can also be a big problem in some families, along with lack of respect for each other. As always, Rick provides a safe and nurturing environment with strict privacy and confidentiality.